Advanced network management and monitoring by Sentinel

Phoenix now offers advanced network management with Sentinel

May 13, 2014

Sentinel – Ready to stand guard over your home network!

The need for this product came from several of our clients complaining about having to “mess around” with the network hardware and the associated tech-support calls to their Internet providers.  We found that many times the hardware had simply locked up and needed to be restarted, but as we dug into the issue deeper, we found there was so much more.  In 2010 we set out to develop a product that would solve these problems and allow expansion into any networked device residing in your home.  Some of you have been involved in the beta testing of this product and we are proud to say it solved the issues you were experiencing with your internet service providers and their hardware.

Sentinel can monitor critical network functions and components and will autonomously report and/or reset them as necessary, ensuring your network and Internet access is ready to go when you need.  During the initial testing phase we found clients who had regularly experienced issues, felt their problems had been solved, and did not notice any downtime.  The reporting showed a significant amount of events, but because of sentinel, they never had to experience an issue or act to resolve it.

The system has been designed to be expandable to cover all kinds of networked hardware, meaning as your needs change, Sentinel can grow with them!  The fixed price fees will never increase, regardless of what hardware is added and monitored.

The best part of Sentinel is it does not penetrate the firewall or expose your network to outside access.  Through a patent pending design, you never have to worry about your network security being breached or someone remotely access your hardware.

Memphis in May Special!

Subscribe to Sentinel in the month of May and receive a 10% discount on the initial installation as well as on the first year’s subscription fee. 

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