Memphis Home Theaters and Home Automation

What We Do

Home Theater

Phoenix has been recognized by numerous industry organizations for our exceptional work.

Phoenix is recognized as one of the best home theater designer/installers, not only in Memphis, but in all of the United States. Our attention to detail, expert design, and use of high-end equipment has earned us more awards than we know what to do with, and it means that your home theater experience will be unforgettable.

Check out our home theater page for more details.

Home Automation

Memphis Home AutomationBe in control. Phoenix can automate nearly any device in your home. Our engineering-based approach to automation provides unique and reliable solutions to your home control needs. From televisions to toilets (yes, you read that correctly), we can integrate it.

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Audio / Video

Home Audio

Memphis Home AudioMusic is part of most everyone’s life these days. From casual background listening to the ultimate in reference listening room design, Phoenix’s team can help you achieve your goals better than anyone. We know what it takes to provide a top quality experience. We pay attention to the subtle details that make a system go from good to great.

Our process includes evaluation of the individual listening environments, aesthetic concerns, performance level desired, types of listening and type of media to be utilized. Once all of this information has been gathered, our talented team of engineers goes to work preparing a design that is uniquely yours.

Phoenix offers many types of audio system solutions:

  • Single Room
  • Distributed or Whole Home
  • Reference or Custom Listening Rooms
  • Outdoor Living & Exterior
  • Live Sound Integration
  • Estate Wide Solutions Incorporating Live Entertainment and Distributed Listening
Home Video

Memphis Home VideoInstallation of a TV is only where we begin. Through offerings that provide you with stellar image quality and ease of use, we can set up a single room or tie all rooms into a central system so any and every video source in your home can be viewed on any or all televisions.

Plasma, LCD, LED, Projection 1080p, 4K, you name it, we understand it. Our team specializes in helping you find the right solutions for your needs. Regardless of the media being viewed, we provide complete solutions performing well beyond the retailers best efforts. Phoenix has partnered with the top brand in video performance, helping us offer you the experience you deserve.

All Phoenix video solutions offer power filtration and surge suppression to ensure the clearest image possible. HDMI does not scare us, we have done residential video solutions with over 48 sources and 48 displays. From the most basic to the most advanced, we have the solutions you need.


Memphis Lighting ControlOf all the systems Phoenix offers our clients, lighting control is one of the most impactful on everyday life.

Lighting control solutions offer numerous benefits including: Safety, Security, Comfort, Convenience, Control, Energy Management and Lifestyle Enhancement. These solutions are no longer just for lighting, they offer integration and total home control.

Imagine coming home late at night and opening the overhead door to your Garage, as the door rises, all of the interior garage lighting turns on to greet you and lighting pathways illuminate into the home to allow you to easily find your way in, safely and securely. These lighting events can even be set to only activate during evening hours to save energy.

One of our client favorites is the goodnight lighting control button. Not only a press of this button sweep the home and turn off all unwanted lighting, it can turn on low level night lighting, activate occupancy sensors for any middle of the night strolls to the Kitchen or Bathroom. With today’s technology we can also have that same button lock all of your exterior doors, arm your security system and activate setback modes for your heating and cooling systems. Talk about convenience!

Even the most basic functions of lighting control enhance your daily living. Instead of walking into a room and “flipping” light switches, you now can select a lighting “scene” that most appropriate fits your specific needs at the time. Entertain, Read, Evening, Cooking, Family Time are just a few of the most common scenes used by our clients. A single button press can activate any or all lighting inside the home.


securityPhoenix’s approach to security is no-nonsense. We start with a minimum protection level that typically exceeds many companies’ best offerings. We work with you to provide a solution that not only incorporates burglary detection devices, but also life safety devices such as monitored heat, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Phoenix’s camera solutions can be as basic or advanced as you desire. Remote access for viewing is standard. All of our offerings are fully capable of being integrated with any of the other solutions we offer to provide the ultimate in protection, comfort, convenience and control.

Imagine arming your security system to away and the house powering down automatically to an away scene. Come home and open the overhead garage door after dusk, all overhead garage lighting activating and a pathway lights your way into the home. We even offer solutions that will set low level lighting in the main hallways while flashing the lighting at the exits to help you find your way out in the event of a life safety emergency.

We don’t farm out our work like so many so-called “integration firms”, we have the licensing, training and certifications to make sure you can rest easy knowing your family is safe and sound.

Phoenix’s security offerings include:


Memphis Home NetworkingThe home network continues to become more and more important each and every day. From content streaming through the Internet, to control and wireless high-speed access, more and more demands are put on this system regularly. Our solutions promise a problem free experience, thereby freeing you up to do more with your free time.

Phoenix proudly utilizes professional, enterprise grade networking products to provide the best solution to ensure your needs are met without constantly having to fiddle with your gear. With our Sentinel service, we can assure you will never have to restart your networking hardware again!

Security, speed, bandwidth, reliability and performance are built into each and every networking solution Phoenix provides. We can even provide local, home based server solutions, allowing you to store multitudes of pictures, videos, data and more. All safe and secure and immune from random drive failure. Should your needs require offsite storage solutions as well, Phoenix has these products as well.

Smarthome Design

Memphis SmarthomesThe Smarthome has long been the term used to describe “the ultimate home of the future”, painting images of almost The Jetsons-esque lifestyle control. Today, it has to do with providing an intelligent home that not only provides comfort, convenience and control, but also efficiency, reliability and performance. Here at Phoenix, Smarthome is what we do, and who we are.