Phoenix now offers PipeBurst Pro

May 28, 2014

pipeburstproPhoenix is proud to announce we are a full line dealer for the PipeBurst Pro line of water control products.

All of us have either had water damage or know of someone who has.  It is inevitable, especially around the winter months when pipes freeze and rupture.  But did you know that overflowing toilets, faucets left on by accident and even appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, icemakers and refrigerators can also cause damage to occur?  Then throw in water heaters & HVAC systems on top and you have plenty of opportunities to have a water catastrophe at some point in your future.

PipeBurst Pro is the most integrated solution we have ever seen.  Not only are the sensors for the system small, unobtrusive and easy to install, they can be wired or wireless, providing complete flexibility for a true custom solution for your needs.

The system has a central processor that receives the signals from all of the sensors.  The instant a sensor is tripped, the main water line to the home is shut off with a specialized valve that can be installed inside, outside or even underground in a vault.  This valve prevents water flow in the home and minimizes the damage that could occur.  If your home has some specialized plumbing needs for recirculating hot water or even a boiler, a dump valve can also be installed to empty the water system, relieving pressure that could go to the leaking area.

The instant an event is detected the system will send out text messages to one or more cellphones programmed into the system, notifying you and anyone else you choose to let know there is an issue.  The system also has a fully monitored web application that lets you view the status of your system remotely from any PC, smart phone or tablet, anywhere you can receive internet service.

One of the best features of this system is most of the insurance companies now offer discount programs and incentives for these systems, helping to fund part and in some cases all of the installation.  (Depending on your coverage and carrier.)

See the included brochure for more information on this exciting system and contact your Phoenix representative to arrange a demonstration and to receive a quotation for your home.

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